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Do I need trail shoes?

Most of our trails are pretty moderate, so they’re not necessary.  That said, a little extra grip is great if you have a pair.


I’ve never done a trail run before, is this ok for beginners?

We love introducing people to trail running!  We use well-groomed trails and mark our courses thoroughly.  Just make sure you do some hill running before you come out, we definitely have a few hills.  Our Soaring Eagle race is a bit technical (rocks and roots on the ground), so we recommend practicing on trails a couple of times before you do that race.


What if I want to walk part of the race?

Well come on out and do that then! We have people of all paces at every race.  We’ll keep the 4.5 mile course open for 1:30, and the half marathon course open for 3:30 hours.


I’ve run one of your half marathons before and my Garmin says the course is [insert distance], is it actually 13.1 miles?

Yes.  We have measured the course with a wheel, as well as other tools, and it truly measures 13.1 miles.  Many Garmins, or other GPS watches, lose satellite contact in the woods.  When they drop you, they then draw a straight line to where you are from where you were, this makes them come up short.  We almost never see two people with the same GPS distance at the end of our races!


What kind of chocolate will be at the finish?

We LOVE chocolate, so we always have a wide selection of really good stuff, and LOTS of it!


Is there a kid’s race?

Our Kids Dash is on hold.


What if I get injured or decide I do not want to do the race, can I get a refund?

Please know that we understand that “life happens” and sometimes you just can’t make it out to join us on race day, but it would cripple our little business if we considered our registrations place holders instead of actual purchased spots to run.  Your entry fee guarantees you a spot on race day, a warm welcome at the park and a boatload of chocolate, but it is not refundable.


Can someone else run in my place?

When you sign up to run in one of our races, you sign a waiver.  When you give someone else your number, they haven’t signed a waiver.  Our insurance company doesn’t like that.  If something happens to them, they’re not covered.  If you’d like to transfer your registration to someone else, we’ll need them to fill out a new registration and sign their own waiver.  This costs $10.


Are strollers and dogs allowed on the course?

Sorry, no.

Our courses are moderately technical and have roots, rocks and sharp turns, so they’re not stroller friendly.   And because our races often have participants running single file, we worry that a dog could trip up other runners, or get kicked.

Also, PLEASE NOTE:  Dogs are not allowed at The Redmond Watershed, the site of our April and November events.


Is there a spot for spectators?

For the half marathon, we invite spectators to hang out by our aid station and cheer as runners stop for refreshments (runners pass the aid station twice, and it’s about 1/3 mile from the parking lot).

Spectators for the 4.5 mile can hang out at the start/finish area, but would have a hard time seeing runners on the course and making back to see the finish.


Who puts on Mud & Chocolate?

NRG Running, a thoughtful little company that believes running should be fun and races should be wonderful adventures.  We put on these super sweet events to build community and spoil the folks that share our passion.  Check out our other boutique race – The Rain Run Half Marathon.

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