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Virtual Holiday  Half  2021

Sign up, finish 13.1 miles between Nov 27th and Dec 4th, confirm with us that you finished, and you'll get one of our Exclusive Mud & Chocolate Holiday prize packages!

  • Custom Chocolate Medal

  • Holiday Treat From Seattle Chocolate

  • Holiday Chocolate Prize Purse

  • Holiday Votive Candle




Email us between Nov 27th and Dec 4th to confirm that you finished your miles and we will send out your prize package.  If you do not email us, WE WILL NOT SEND OUT YOUR PACKAGE. You must run and confirm you ran to receive your prize package. You can do it – we know you can!!!  Have more questions?  See the FAQ below.



Hit the trails! We LOVE the way running on a trail gives you an extra boost of endorphins, which is why we created this trail run series. Capitalize on those endorphins by doing your half marathon on a beautiful trail! Don’t have a trail near you? Find an extra special route with beautiful scenery!

Do it with friends! Our events are super social and full of feel-good energy. Give yourself a boost as you cover 13.1 by grabbing some friends and conquering the distance together! Prefer running alone? Great, then find a friend or two to share you accomplishment with!

Bring a chocolate treat along to pump up your run! We love the idea of refueling during the race with a special treat, so pack something you love to give you an extra boost while you’re out there!   A chocolate goody afterward is a fabulous idea too! Remember, this race is about chocolate, so indulging a little is practically expected!




How do I prove that I covered the miles? 

Just send us an email with your confirmation and address.  No need to include your GPS or MapMyRun results, we trust you, but we do need your email confirmation to send out your prize package. That said, it’s really fun for us to see GPS results and pictures, so if you’d like to send them – we’d love it!


Can I get my prize package without running?

When you register for the virtual race, you are not buying the prize package, you are reserving a prize package for yourself, to be shipped upon completion of you miles.  Once you send us an email that says “I finished my run, please send my package to:…” we’ll ship it out!  Finishing your race between Nov 27th and Dec 4th, and sending us your confirmation email earns you the Mud & Chocolate prize package!


What if I want to run the distance throughout the week? 

That’s great!  As long as you finish 13.1 miles within the week – you’re a winner and you get your prize package!  Just send us confirmation that you ran the distance that week.


Where do I send the email confirmation?

Please send it to


What should my confirmation email say?

It can be very short and simple.  For example:  “I confirm that I ran 13.1 miles or 4.5 miles between Nov 27th and Dec 4th.  Please send my prize package to this address:…” If you’d like to include other details about your run, or some pictures, we’d love to have them!  We love to hear running stories and see smiling running faces!!


How will you know where to send my prize package?

Please include your address in your confirmation email. We recommend including an address because we’ve found that many people have old addresses listed in


Will you ship my prize package to an international address?

We cannot ship to international addresses at this time, but we can ship to Canada for an extra fee. If you’re one of our wonderful northern neighbors and you want to run, just choose the Canadian option when you register.


Other questions?
Email us at

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